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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Apprenticeship Substandard

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In a letter dated April 6, 2010 the Department of Labor's Office of Apprenticeship notified Nelson's AEC Local 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) that,"Based on the analysis, the Office of Apprenticeship has determined these standards do not meet the requirement of Title 29 CFR Part 29 and should have never been approved!"

Nelsons 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) apprenticeship fell short in the following areas:

  • Apprentice Probationary Period: The Standard allows two different methods to complete the probationary apprentice period. The details provided on successful completion of the probationary period in Nelson's 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) apprenticeship were ambiguous.
  • On the Job Work Experience: The Standard demands an outline of the individual work processes and the time spent doing each under direct journeyman supervision. This detailed outline and its proper tracking was absent from Nelson's 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) apprenticeship.

  • Apprenticeship Ratio: The Standard states,"The numeric ratio of apprentices to journeyman consistent with proper supervision, training, safety, and continuity of employment..." Apprenticeship ratio problems also permeate the carpenter rank-and-file as contractors are often given special allowances that appear to be "out of ratio" based on individual job sites. Specific numeric ratios were absent from Nelsons 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) documents.

  • Responsibilities for Work Experience: The Standard states that "ensuring" the required work experience opportunities is the responsibility of the apprenticeship - NOT the apprentice as was stated in the Nelson plan.

  • Terms of Apprenticeship: The Standards demand a schedule and minimum for annual related training...once again Nelsons 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) fell short!

  • Selection Procedures / Minimum requirements: Inconsistent minimum requirements - minimum age was not clearly stated in the Nelson plan.
  • Apprenticeship Wages: Nelsons 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) states, "Apprentices will be advanced to the next pay level upon successful completion of Related instruction and Work Experience as determined by the JAC." However, the Standard demands progressively increasing wages based on a defined length of each apprenticeship term, it cannot be open-ended!

The Department of Labor concludes this notification by stating, "These findings are a great concern to us and highlight the importance of the Associated Electrical Contractors/LU 57 Joint Apprenticeship Committees responsibility to implement a program fully in compliance with Federal Regulations.

icon DOL Letter - 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) Apprenticeship

(Don't want to download the letter? Click on the image below!)

We have attached a letter from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards detailing the information stated above. We have also added a quote from Paragraph 6 (see the Local 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) Fact Book) of UBC General President Douglas McCarron's response to the AFL-CIO's Resolution 70:

"We firmly believe that the energies of the Building and Construction Trades unions should first be directed to organizing the craft workers in the markets they used to represent, before they divert their members hard-earned dues in efforts reach out to workers they lack the knowledge to represent and the skills or resources to train." Douglas McCarron

Here is a link to the Associated Builders and Contractors "Find-A-Contractor" page if the UBC needs to find some general contractors that need to be organized. Perhaps REAL rank-and-file carpenter members would like their leadership to offer non-union general contractors some target money to sign up with the CDC so they can go back to work instead of attacking other unions (who already have representation) and undercutting their hard earned standard of living!??

Does the local UBC leadership truly understand how they will be remembered by union members in St Louis? They have the reputation as a group who tried to undercut the prevailing wages of a skilled trade in the most egregious action ever taken in St Louis Labor history.

Nelson is quoted in the Illinois Business Journal as saying that he is (paraphrasing)"...not the most loved guy at a labor meeting!" Terry Nelson has pulled the UBC in St Louis from every labor-management cooperative meant to promote unity and harmony, and then is surprised that he is not, "the most loved?" .

Associated Builders and Contractors Find-A-Contractor Here is where the UBC should start when looking to organize the non-union.

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"It's not about 'raiding'. I do not want to organize one carpenter who is part of the carpenters union. Not one."

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades General President James Williams during the AFL-CIO convention.