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UBC deserts organized labor!

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St Louis Powercast Episode 2

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St Louis Powercast Episode 2

Download the latest St Louis Powercast to hear highlights from Sheet Metal Workers International Association President Michael Sullivan's speech at the Building Trades Unity Rally!!

The St Louis Powercast is now available in the iTunes store!! Download the podcast through your iTunes account !! Please subscribe and share this link with your carpenter friends!

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Coming up- Highlights from the IUPAT President Jimmie Willaims speech. Please note: I misspoke at the end of this podcast - President Jimmie Williams was awarded two Bronze Stars, the Army Accommodation Medal and an Air Medal, as well as the Combat Infantry Badge during his service to our country in Vietnam.

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"It's not about 'raiding'. I do not want to organize one carpenter who is part of the carpenters union. Not one."

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades General President James Williams during the AFL-CIO convention.