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UBC deserts organized labor!

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WOW - This is HUGE!

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This is HUGE!


The National Building and Construction Trades Department in Washington DC launches a new website that showcases the collective efforts of all member unions and their leaders as they stand in UNITY against United Brotherhood of Carpenters leader Doug McCarron. We were tempted here at Local 57 Facts to reprint the article titled, "Now is the time - this is the place," but instead we want you to go there NOW and see for yourself! Here in St. Louis we are saluting the efforts of the BCTD and President Ayers!! Long live the Building Trades and God bless all of you!! We will prevail!!



(our favorite part!)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 March 2011 14:59  


"Because they told me I could give them my money, I could pay my per capita tax and I could come to their meetings, but I couldn't vote. I said,-...'Scuse me?"

Nelson responds to the Post Dispatch journalist Repps Hudson's question as to why the St Louis Carpenters District Council are not in the AFL-CIO. Hey Nelson, now you know how your rank-and-file carpenters feel!