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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Shame on Terry Nelson!

Carpenters Local Union #1

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Carpenters Independent Local Union #1

   Brothers and sisters, with the help of organizers from the AFL-CIO union carpenters in Albany have stepped up and chartered, Carpenters Independent Local Union #1! Their goal of restoring democratic rights to their rank-and-file brothers and sisters is the most worthy cause labor has witnesses in the last fifty years. We will all benefit from their success and we should do all in our power to support them!  Please visit their site and show them your support at http://carpentersindependent.com.

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Last Updated on Sunday, 27 November 2011 15:38

St. Louis PowerCast with John Moyle

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John Moyle hosts St. Louis Powercast

Local 57 Facts is proud to announce that ownership of the St. Louis PowerCast has been transferred to writer John Moyle. John plan's to steer the PowerCast away from the singular 'Local 57' issue and take on a broader perspective while covering a multitude of issues that affect working men and women. In his first podcast John hits it, "out of the park," as he discusses the US Banking Industry. As you listen you will begin to understand why we asked for John's help!! John has created a Facebook Fan page as a separate website designed to host his podcast continues to evolve! Stop by John's Facebook page and click LIKE!

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Thanks John

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Last Updated on Sunday, 27 November 2011 16:30

AGC Bulletin on CDC contract changes

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St. Louis Carpenters District Council & Associated General Contractors

open CBA early. Eliminate, modify language.

The following is a portion of the AGC bulletin describing the upcoming changes to the carpenters CBA.

AGC Labor Bulletin

Amendment to Carpenter Agreement; NMA changes effective 1-1-2012; finalized FASB requirements; NLRB posting requirements as of 1-31-2012; BIM Conceptual Estimating

AGC and Carpenters approve an Amendment to 2008-2013 agreement AGC’s Carpenter Labor Committee was approached by the Carpenters District Council (CDC) to take a look at the 2008 to 2013 Carpenter Agreement and make suggestions for revisions to the agreement. After a meeting of the Carpenter Labor Committee and meetings with the CDC, an amendment was drafted and approved effective as of October 1, 2011. The following are the changes to the 2008 to 2013 Carpenter Agreement:

The following sections were deleted from the agreement: - Section 5.14 - Eliminates Smokestack premiums. - Section 5.15 - Eliminates Layout pay. - Section 7.02 – Leaves lunch time and quit time to contractor. - Section 7.06 – Eliminates need to request permit to work overtime on weekend. - Section 7.18 – Eliminates table saw assistance.

The following sections were modified from the agreement: - Section 7.10 – Eliminates reference to heating stove and forms documenting tools. - Section 7.14 – Vacation to be a mutual agreement between employee and Employer. - Section 7.15 – Deletes money for stilts and Employer pay for saw sharpening. - Section 7.17 – Allows Employer to decide when a Welder or Burner assistant is needed. - Section 10.02 – Deletes reference to Building Trades Council of St. Louis for pickets. - Section 11.02 – Eliminates established practice and refers to contractor assignment.

AGC applauds the CDC for being proactive in making contract changes in the middle of a collective bargaining agreement.

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"We have no intention on intruding on the carpenters' jurisdiction nor do we intend to foment any dispute between our two organizations over jurisdictional agreements."

IBEW Local 1 Business Manager Stephen Schoemehl in a letter to the CDC's Nelson