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A "heads-up" on wage standards

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A "heads-up" re: area wage standards! 

     Our website is stacked with factual documentation regarding Terry Nelson's attack on the area standard wage rate for electricians in St Louis, so it never occurred to us that visitors to our site may not understand these standards until we received the following communication (the following was edited for spelling and punctuation only and appears here in its entirety):

Substandard wages?

Can you define the definition of substandard wages? I'm confused because this website keeps saying local 57 workers make substandard wages, when in fact they bring more home per hour than Local 1 workers do. The only difference in pay is about $6.50 an hour in fringe benefit's. Please do explain. when you want to bash on a group of hard working men and women at least get your facts right.
(name withheld)
Brother of local 57 electrical workers

As is the policy at Local 57 Facts, we formulated a response and then just before replying we decided to post our response here:

Hello (name withheld),

     Thanks for contacting Local 57 Facts. Your communication has alerted the Administrators of Local 57 Facts to the general public's lack of knowledge regarding the area wide wage and fringe standards¬Ě, as described by law, and how these standards are established on the local, state and federal levels. The area wide standard¬Ě is a combination of the total wage and fringe package earned by a specific trade. The highest amount of reported hours paid at the highest wage and fringe package establishes the area wide standards.

     We understand the need for a job, but at the same time it is a shame that people are willing to earn substandard wage and fringe package for specific work performed. These actions break down the economic conditions for the entire region and all workers. Therefore, Local 57 Facts has decided to formulate an informational campaign designed to educate uninformed Local 57 Facts visitors seeking information on these standards.

     Be sure to register on Local 57 Facts and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when this article is published. By taking this approach we hope to inform you and others so you better understand the protection offered by these established standards be it directly or by proxy (as your brother's misinformed case). Please understand that our informational campaign is directed in defense of attacks on these established standards propagated by the Carpenters' District Council and is in no way directed at the employees of companies that pay below the area wide standards. We invite you, your brother, and anyone else who seeks the facts to continue to participate in the dialogue created by this discussion.

Kind Regards


Local 57 Facts

We laughed when Nelson referred to these higher wage standards as "overhead" in an article published in the St Louis CDC's magazine - surely nobody was buying it...right? Well, this gentleman is!! Stay tuned for a course on area wide wage and fringe standards.

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