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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Shame on Terry Nelson!

Trade Unionist?

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Trade Unionist?

     My father used to say, "...people can convince themselves of anything, even if it's wrong!" and to that I would add, "Just because you have the power to do something, doesn't mean you should!"  As trade unionists we are under constant attack from a multitude of sources that are trying to destroy us, which makes it especially distressing when conflicts arise within our ranks and we begin to destroy each ourselves, or as President Abraham Lincoln said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

     Take 8 minutes to listen to the inspiring words of solidarity from LIUNA General President Terry O'Sullivan and then ask yourselves...why?!

How soon we forget!

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St. Louis CDC LM-2

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St. Louis Carpenters District Council 2011 LM-2

-details $1,366,618 diverted to Local 57!


Targeting funds:

Akbar Electric - $119,834

BST LLC - $154,364

Thunder Electric - $100,000

Duester Electric - $58,960

Laron Electrical Contracting - $80,000

Electricians Local 57 - $5000

Accord Electric - $100,000

Local 57 employee salaries:

Karen Ems - $66,585

Jill Clark - $77,442

Dominic Grasso - $95,960

Bob Augustine - $75,568

Assoicated Electrical Contractors - $126,536

Grants From UBCJA in Washington DC - $18,750


CBS Outdoor - $114,592

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball - $150,027

Training for Electricians:

CJTF - $8,000

Legal Fees for Kevin Price:

Schuchat, Cook, and Werner - $15,000

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Respect Our Crafts

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Duane Moore named National Director of Respect Our Crafts

-Respect Our Crafts is a cooperative effort by all the Building Trades member unions to help restore the rights of rank-and-file carpenters and bring them back, "into the fold!" Without them we are weaker and it is important that we help them overcome the influences that have eroded their rights under Douglas McCarron. Now is the time for all of our carpenter brothers and sisters to stand with Carpenters Independent Local #1 and with solidarity help restore union carpenters back to their rightful place in labor's storied history! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO VISIT DUANE MOORE'S BLOG TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS NEW MOVEMENT BY CARPENTERS INDEPENDENT LOCAL #1


The following is reprinted with permission from RespectOurCrafts.com:


(Duane served an inside apprenticeship and graduated as an Inside Journeyman Wireman in 1980 and is a 33 year member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Duane has been involved in organizing since 1987 and has been on the International staff as an Organizer since 2005.)

As National Director of Respect Our Crafts, it is my responsibility to coordinate, assist and advise those Building  and Construction Trades Department Affiliates who are under attack by the leadership of the UBC.

I do not consider the UBC a Trade Union, and neither should you.  They are no more a trade union than the ABC, Associated Builders and Contractors.  The UBC has gone from a reputable labor organization, which represented their rank and file and was a main stay of the Building Trades, to an association representing corporate America at the expense of their membership and all Building Trades Unions.  The UBC is leading the race to the bottom.

There is never a good time for unions to be at odds with each other. However, we did not pick this fight.  From coast to coast and everywhere in between, for over the last ten years the Carpenters, under Doug McCarron’s leadership, have been raiding work from other construction trade unions.  Not only are they attempting to expand their scope of work by attacking individual craft unions, they are signing wall-to-wall agreements throughout the country,  and appearing in front of governing bodies and customers speaking out against PLA’s, that help their members and well as all the Building Trades. Enough is enough.

Through the Respect Our Crafts website, we will attempt to keep the rank and file members of the Building Trades Unions informed along with customers and users.  Only by organizing, and not cannibalising, will the Union Construction Industry grow stronger.

Strength In Unity.

Duane Moore

Duane Moore's Blog >>

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Last Updated on Sunday, 27 November 2011 16:34
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WHEREAS, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters continues to pursue a "go it alone" policy and has acted in a manner inconsistent with the principles of solidarity, to the detriment of other building trades unions and the organized construction industry;

Segment from AFL-CIO Resolution 70